Installing Skirting Boards?

We supply and deliver pre-painted skirting boards and mouldings ready for your DIY project.

Everything You Need in One Place

Find everything you need for your project right here.

We have a range of skirting board profiles and sizes, along with everything else you need for your project.

Need tools? We have them too, you can hire or purchase the ones you need to complete your project, and we will deliver them with your skirting boards.

We Take the Hassle Out of Your Project

 No need to go to the hardware to find skirting boards, paint, glue, fixings, and then try to transport 5.4 meter long skirting boards back home.

We remove the hassle by pre-painting your skirting boards and delivering them right to your home, along with everything else you need to install your skirting. 

Easy to Follow Installation Steps

Our easy to follow DIY Installers page, will guide you through each step. From choosing your skirting, to measuring, cutting and installing them, along with handy tips and tricks from the professionals. 

Join our exclusive DIY Professionals Facebook page for support and questions. And if you still need help, you can request a call from our professional installer. 

Our Skirting Board Profiles

5 Ezy Steps

1. Choose Your Skirting Boards and Colour

Choose from a range of skirting board profiles and sizes, then select the colour and sheen. All our boards are painted white in either Gloss or Semi Gloss or you can choose a custom colour to match your home decor.

2. Placing Your Order

Once you have decided on your skirting boards, there are a few other things you need for the project. You can purchase these either separately as individual items or select the Installers Kit which comes with everything you need to install your skirting boards. Lastly you will need the tools for your install, if you do not have the tools or only some, you can select the Installers tool kit in the shop and either purchase or hire what you need.

3. Delivering Your Skirting Boards

Once you have placed your order and selected the delivery/pick up date, we will begin preparing your skirting boards. On the day prior to delivery/pick up we will send a confirmation text to let you know it’s ready for pickup or on schedule for delivery. Our delivery vehicle has been specially fitted with a custom built rack to prevent your painted skirting boards from being scratched or damaged during transportation.

4. Installing Your Skirting Boards

Now that you have all the tools and materials, you are ready to start installing your skirting boards. If you are unsure at any stage of the install you can find a full step by step guide on our Installers How To page. If you really get stuck, you can request a call from our professional installer who can help answer all your questions.

5. Time to Celebrate

Once you have finished installing your skirting boards it’s time to celebrate, and what better way than to share your pics on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your finished project.

Delivery Options

We offer delivery options across Perth metro and beyond. All our painted skirting boards are transported in a specially designed rack to prevent marks and scratches during transport.

We’re a Perth based company and service North and South of the River, from Two Rocks to Mandurah.

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